10 minute Functional Core Workout

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10 minutes, small equipment!
Core workout only!

Please be advised that there is only minimal warm-up and no cool-down so plan accordingly.

0:00 Intro
1:22 Lunges with loaded twist (dumbbell)
3:16 Alternating Landmine (dumbbell)
5:01 Modified L-Sit (chair)
5:33 Modified L-Sit with pulses (chair)
6:10 V-sit and 1 arm press
7:40 Modified Bird/Dog (with or without loop band)
9:16 Rock and Tuck (with or without long band)
10:30 Alternating leg extensions (with towel, for lumbar support)
11:12 Loaded Crunches (with towel, with dumbbell)

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