10 MINUTE LEG WORKOUT | Functional training at the beach

Hola fellow fitness lovers! I’ve put together this simple bodyweight lower body workout that you can do anywhere. I’ve included recommended reps though feel free to adjust as your body needs.


Full Workout
Rolling downdog push-ups 8-10 reps
Plank to low lunge 10-12 reps each leg
10-15 jump squats

1. Split squats (R) 1 minute
2. Split squats (L) 1 minute
3. Squat to split squat alternating 2 minutes
4. 4x mountain climbers into slide back
5. Long jumps 8-10 reps
6. Finishing sprint 20-30 seconds
Feel free to repeat this as many times as you’d like!

I hope you find some time today to move your beautiful body…