Beginner STANDING STRENGTH with DUMBBELLS | Full Length 20 Minute BEGINNER Weight Training Workout

Level TWO | ALL standing, NO cardio, INCLUDES warm up | DUMBBELLS | BURN 100 – 125 calories

Grab your DUMBBELLS (or a pair of water bottles!) and let’s get to work on building strong, lean muscle tone. This all STANDING, all STRENGTH (no cardio) workout is perfect for BEGINNERS with lots of verbal instruction and plenty of sweat!

Arm Circles
Arm Crossers
High Knees
Booty Kickers

MAIN WORKOUT (complete 8 reps of each exercise; repeat the circuit three times):
Overhead to Curtsy Lunges
Bent Over Rows with Triceps Kickbacks
Squatted Forward Presses
Letter Ks
Good Mornings

FINISHER (complete 24 reps):
Ski Swings

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