Full Body Strength Training – Home Workout Series 2 by Athlecross | Neeil Chaurushi | Guided Workout

Strength training helps you build muscles, benefits your heart, improves your balance, strengthens your bones, and helps you lose weight all while making you look and feel better!

Athlecross Home Workout Series 2

Get ready for the workout by doing a quick Warm-Up (Link: )

👉🏼 SET 1 (15 repetitions each)
Half Burpee + Alternate Arm Raise
Push-up + T Rotation
Toe Touch + Arm Reach
Superman + Lat Pull

Repeat SET 1 2 more times.

👉🏼 5 Minute’s hydration and recovery.

👉🏼 SET 2 (15 repetitions each)
Frog Pump + Glute Press
Squat Walk
Multi-directional Lateral Lunge (Right)
Multi-directional Lateral Lunge…