Healthy Cilantro Chicken recipe

Here’s a yummy and healthy chicken recipe that is so easy and delicious! It is hard to eat clean all the time if it takes a long time to make each meal. Well you can make this chicken and it stores great in the fridge for days to follow.

..4 Chicken Breast(I flatten them out to about a 1/4 Inch)
..1 C. Cilantro
..2Tbsp Olive Oil ( Or whichever you prefer)
..juice from 4 small Limes
(You can use 1 Drop of Lime EO, but I like the Juice better for this recipe.)
..6 Garlic Cloves
..2tbsp honey(I use Creamed Honey. Agave could be substituted)
..S & P to taste
Blend all together at high speed in blender and pour over for
marinade. let set in fridge for 30 minutes or cook immediately. I…