Lamb Recipe | How To Make Shepherd's Pie | Nick Saraf's Foodlog

Learn how to make classic Shepherd’s Pie with our Chef Nick Saraf only on Get Curried.

Cooking this tasty British classic has never been so easy…This is the best shepherd’s pie recipe you will ever see. It’s very quick to make, and most – if not all – of the ingredients already on hand. So join Nick Saraf for making delicious Shepherd’s Pie only on Get Curried.


Lamb Filling
– Oil
– 2 carrots diced
– 2 onions diced
– crushed garlic
– 2 stocks of celery diced
– 1 cup of peas
– 1 kg of minced lamb
– lamb bones ( for stock )
– Tomato Paste
– Cayenne Pepper
– Dry Rosemary
– Flour
– Butter
– Worcestershire sauce
– Salt & Crushed Black Pepper

Mashed Potatoes
– 1 pot of…