LEAN 29 Headed East – fat loss workout based on functional movements

LEAN 29 personal trainer Matt Schoeneberger and Yuvi Shmul walk you through LEAN29 Headed East. This 29er uses mostly upper body and core movements intermingled with cardio bursts. The exercises used are:

Leg Lift Hold
Step ups
Side Lunge w/ Over-head Press
Saxon Side Bends
2-arm Cable Row
Mountain Climbers
Single-leg Stiff-legged Deadlift

LEAN 29 is a comprehensive solution for those looking to lose weight or increase their fitness levels. The 29ers are 29 minute mini-classes designed to give members an incredible workout for just 2 or 3 sessions/week starting at an affordable $29/week. Classes are limited to 8 people and each member receives separate health coaching for…