Loh Guo Pei | #StayHome & Workout #WithMe | Episode 1: Functional Training | New Balance

#StayHome & Workout #WithMe: Guo Pei, Singapore’s NBRC coach shares with us a series of workouts.

In Episode 1 of 6, Guo Pei touches on Functional Training.

Functional training typically follows your everyday movement patterns which involves a push, pull, squat, or rotating action. For this video, we focus on working out the core stabilizers (lower back and abdominal) and lower limbs mainly quadriceps, adductors, glutes, hamstring, and calves muscles.

1. Stationary Lunge
2. Lunges with Rotation
3. Side Lunge
4. Deadlift
5. Single Leg Deadlift
6. Single Leg Step Up

10 times each side x 3 sets and you’re done. Get moving!