Veg Hyderabadi Nizami Handi | Rich & Delicious Mix Vegetable Main Course | Chef Sanjyot Keer

Full Written Recipe – Veg Hyderabadi Nizami Handi

For Quick Makhani Gravy:
3-4 medium sized tomatoes
2 Nos. Green chillies
1 inch Ginger
4-5 cloves of garlic
8-10 cashew nuts
1-2 Bay leaves
A pinch of salt
500 ml water


• Set a pan & add all the ingredients into it. Stir well & cover & cook for 10-15 minutes on high flame. We are prepping a quick makhana sauce to be added later on in the preparation. Restaurants have this ready in their kitchens.
• If the makhana gravy would have been for a butter chicken kind of preparation, some more ingredients would have gone into it.
• Once done, cool down & grind into a smooth paste.

For the boiled…