WB-FT Powertec Functional Trainer 2/2

Behind the Back Single Lat Raise
Bicep Curl
Cable Lunges
Cable twist woodchops
Cable twist woodchops
Close Row
Front Shoulder Raise
Glute Press
Hanging Leg Raise
High Cable Chest Fly
High Cable Crunches
High Cable Curl
High Cable Rear Deltoid Fly
High Cable Single Arm Chest Fly
High to Low Woodchops
Hip Abductor
Hip extension
Kneeling Upright Rows
Lateral Cable flys
Leg Abduction
Leg Curl
Leg Kickback
Long Bar Curl
Long Bar Lat Pulldown
Long Bar Standing Bench Press
Low Cable Bicep Curl
Low Cable Calf Exercises
Low Row
Low to High Woodchops
Oblique Crunch
One Arm Cable Crossover
One Arm Row
Overhead Extension
Overhead Triceps Extension
Pull Up
Resisted Calf…